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Me and my thoughts

my name is Anu Heikkinen. I am Samoyed owner and breeder from Espoo, Finland. My fluffy family lives in a rowhouse with an own yard.

I have born in Kainuu in the middle of Finland. There is a place called Saviranta. There I lived as a child and a youngster with my mom, dad and two brothers. My mom had our family's first samoyed called Mennen Suoma "Minni". Minni came to us in 1994 from Kauhajoki.

I'm a member of Finnish Kennel Club, Finnish Samoyed Association (a member of parliament) and Helsinki area Samoyed Association.

I have done several courses concerning dog keeping and breeding

Breeder's course 2006

Breeders's 2nd course 2013

Breeding councellor 2016

Dog show judge initiation course 2016

Early morning on October 2013.